Sunday, February 24, 2013

I'm going back...

on 20 mg of Prozac (or its generic equavilant). 

I started taking Prozac about 6 years ago.  I did it because I was having trouble sleeping.  My doctor's solution was to take a sleep study but with an HSA that would have cost me about $1,500 out of pocket.  I asked him to try me on Prozac (at $4 a month).  That's what having to pay for your own healthcare does to your willingness to do expensive tests.

I found myself sleeping better but I also found that I was mellowed out.  I had a higher tolerance for stuff that others did.  I would rather have had a close group of persons who would have walked with me through the process of discovering the root cause of my frustration.  But I lost that when I left Theotherapy

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